Barca can save 99 million euros when buying 2 Liverpool stars

Barca has a special provision to save 99 million euros if you buy 2 Liverpool stars in the upcoming transfer period. Barca has wanted to buy two Liverpool stars for a long time. They are Sadio Mane and Georginio Wijnaldum. However, the Catalan club has a special reason not to rush to sign these two players.

The Daily Star source said that when selling Philippe Coutinho to Barca in January 2018, Liverpool added a special provision to prevent the opponent from continuing to “suck blood” in the future. If Barca buys any additional Liverpool player before the end of 2020, they must pay an additional 99 million euros, not including transfer fees.

Barca are intending to buy Wijnaldum and Mane from Liverpool

Therefore, Barca must wait until this special term ends in January 2021 to ask to buy Mane or Wijnaldum. However, Barca also found it difficult to buy more stars at the beginning of the year. They were in financial trouble due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They had to negotiate with the players, coaching staff, and staff to reduce their salary by 190 million euros this season. Barca also has to sell additional shares in business projects to compensate for an expected loss of about 300 million euros in the 2020/21 season.

Liverpool lost the star squad that worth £ 330 million

Liverpool continues to face a force crisis due to injury when up to 8 players have to sit outside. James Milner is the latest Liverpool player to suffer an injury in the draw with Brighton. This means coach Jurgen Klopp currently does not have eight stars with a total value of £ 330 million. Defensive problems are most serious when Liverpool currently does not have 3 out of 4 regularly selected defenders.

Milner is the newest Liverpool player to be injured

Midfielders Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez are sidelined for months with a knee injury. Meanwhile, right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold is hoping to return in December.

Liverpool lost both top midfielders Van Dijk and Gomez

Meanwhile, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is long-term absent due to a knee injury. Thiago Alcantara has not been playing since the Merseyside derby last month. Liverpool’s squad depth is severely affected when versatile midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri suffers a muscle injury while playing against Switzerland.

According to Transfermarkt, 8 Liverpool’s eight out-of-the-box players are valued at £ 330 million. This includes some top stars like Alexander-Arnold and Van Dijk with a value of £ 99m and £ 72m, respectively.

Haaland set up 8 amazing milestones after winning the Golden Boy award

Erling Haaland celebrated the 2020 Golden Boy award by setting a record against Dortmund in the Bundesliga victory over Hertha.

Haaland has just won the Golden Boy 2020 – Golden Boys award for the best U21 player of the year. On the same day, the Norwegian striker set up a poker shot to help Dortmund beat Hertha 5-2. With this poker shot, Haaland has set up many proud milestones in their young career.

Erling Haaland needed 33 minutes after the break to decide the match in Berlin. At the age of 20 and 4 months, Haaland is the youngest player in history to score 4 goals in a single match in the Bundesliga.

Haaland has scored his 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd goals. No player has ever scored so many in his first 22 appearances in the Bundesliga. The Norwegian star replaced the legendary Uwe Seeler when the former Hamburg striker “only” scored 20 goals in this time period.

Haaland scored 23 goals in 22 Bundesliga games

Haaland has 10 goals in 8 games, leveling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s record for Dortmund in 2015/16 and 2017/18.

Haaland has scored 19 out of 23 goals after the break, with no player doing better than before. Coach Hertha – former top striker Bruno Labbadia commented: “He has extremely good and the quality ball moves. He waited for his chance and then finished. He’s too perfect for his age. ”

Haaland only needs 15 minutes to score the first 3 goals against Hertha. It was the first perfect hat-trick (with both right foot, left foot, and header) in the Bundesliga since April 2019 (Hoffenheim’s Ishak Belfodil against Augsburg).

Haaland just won the Golden Boy award

In the Dortmund shirt, Aubameyang had a perfect hat-trick in November 2016 on a trip to Hamburg. Only Norbert Dickel and Manfred Burgsmuller scored a faster hat-trick at Dortmund. In his Dortmund debut on January 18 against Augsburg (5-3), Haaland scored 3 goals in 23 minutes, faster than any player in the Bundesliga.

Haaland just won the Golden Boy award

Two and a half weeks ago, Haaland scored twice against Club Brugge in the Champions League (3-0). The 1.94-meter high striker scored his 13th and 14th goals, with no player doing any better in his first 11 games.

In the Champions League on September 17, 2019, with Salzburg meeting Genk (6-2), Haaland scored 3 goals in one half – no player succeeded in such a debut.

Maguire has the highest winning rate in the Premier League

Harry Maguire’s combat ability at MU was recognized, as he had just shown in the victory over Everton. MU captain Maguire had a stellar match at Goodison Park last season, yielding a 1-1 draw. This time he played the same way when he helped “Red Devils” win 3-1 convincingly.

So, it is not surprising that Maguire is ranked highly when compared to other Premier League defenders thanks to its ability to win in aerial battles, even against higher opponents. England international topped the dogfighting charts with an 88.2% win rate, the same as Chelsea midfielder Kurt Zouma.

These two defenders outperformed City’s rookie Ruben Dias, Burnley’s James Tarkowski, and West Brom’s Semi Ajayi. The striker has won 30 air disputes in the Premier League 2020/21, ranked 8th in number, but MU currently plays less than most opponents.

Maguire is very strong in aerial combat

Maguire has the highest win rate in the Premier League

In the 2019/20 season, this figure is 193, 100 more than the last campaign with Leicester City. Maguire’s current win rate is much higher than in any previous season and it will be difficult to maintain such a high success rate.

However, Maguire made seven rounds with a header for MU on Saturday to repel Everton, although still far from the unusual 17 in last season’s match also at Goodison Park.

It will be interesting to see if Maguire can continue to maintain the rate until the end of the season. However, surely MU fans are more assured with their ability to block entry balls. penalty area.

Stars of MU and Man City are at the top of the world

The two stars of MU and Man City, De Bruyne and Fernandes, were voted among the best players in the world in the 2019/20 season.

Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has been named the second-best player in the world in a new poll. Goal page has just announced a list of the 50 best players on the planet. It includes 25 male and 25 female players, gathered after a “global vote” based on performances in the 2019/20 season.

De Bruyne excelled in the Man City shirt

MU midfielder Bruno Fernandes is the 22nd best male footballer. Six Liverpool players on the list include Jordan Henderson, Mo Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Thiago Alcantara, Sadio Mane, and Virgil van Dijk.

But De Bruyne is the star playing in the Premier League with the highest ranking. He is even above Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo. He is second only to striker Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

Ramos and his super defenders scored in the 21st century

Midfielder Sergio Ramos is leading the list of the world’s most scoring defenders at the club level in the 21st century.

In modern football, defenders not only focus on defense but also actively participate in assisting attacks. That’s why defenders are scoring more and more in the 21st century. But who is the best defensive player with the record?

Transfermarkt’s data shows that Sergio Ramos is the only defender to score more than 100 goals in the 21st century. The Spaniard has scored 103 goals in 624 games for Sevilla and Real Madrid.

The talent of Ronald Koeman

Since 2000 only, Ramos’ record far surpasses second-placed midfielder John Terry who has scored 66 goals in 573 appearances for Chelsea. The next positions respectively belonged to Naldo (65), Daniel Van Buyten (53), Roberto Carlos (53), and Gerard Pique (53).

Among the Top 10 best goal scorers of the 21st century, Brazil has contributed the most players with Naldo, Roberto Carlos, and Dani Alves. Spain and England have two players together, the rest coming from Belgium, Serbia, and Norway.

Sergio Ramos is a great defender in the football history

However, the record of Sergio Ramos is still far below the record of a defender that belongs to Ronald Koeman. During the competition, the incumbent coach of Barca played both midfield and midfield positions. As a result, Koeman scored 239 goals for Groningen, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Barca, and Feyenoord.

The former Dutchman also leads the list of most scoring defenders for both club and team with 253 goals, more than double the number of Sergio Ramos who is ranked 6th with 127 goals.

Messi and Ronaldo missed the most penalty kick in the 21st century

Ronaldo and Messi are both penalty specialists, but also the most missed shots from the 11m mark of any player in the 21st century.

Messi scored 5/6 goals with a penalty for Barca this season

However, despite his recent record of free-kicks, Messi must not like to look at the list of 40 most failed penalty kickers in the 21st century. According to Transfermarkt, Messi topped the list after missing 27 out of 126 penalties. Ronaldo is next with 27 failed shots out of 162 times out of 11 meters.

Ronaldo missed 27 penalties in his career

In the top 10, there are other penalty experts such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Frank Lampard, and Sergio Aguero.

MU vs Everton: the pressure from the negotiating table to the pitch

MU faced Everton at Goodison Park in the Premier League while the two sides were constantly tense on the transfer negotiation table.

The strained relationship between the two clubs has prevented Everton from buying MU Sergio Romero and Marcos Rojo over the past 15 months. It is understood that the hostility originated in 2014 when MU agreed to sell Tom Cleverley to Aston Villa for £ 7.5 million.

Sergio Romero cannot leave MU to go to Everton

Everton seemed to have closed the deal while Cleverley was on his way to get a medical check, but by the time their £ 5.5m offer was rejected by Man United, it was too late for a move to Villa to be made. show.

Sergio Romero cannot leave MU to go to Everton

Cleverley just left on a loan and joined Everton for free a year later. Since then, the Glazers have had a grudge against The Toffees. This contributed in part to the demise of the Romero and Rojo negotiations.

Romero was preparing to move to Everton last month after Dean Henderson returned to MU from Sheffield United. The Argentinian goalkeeper is ready to reduce his salary to go to Goodison Park. However, MU asks for a loan fee of £ 3 million despite being ready to lend Romero to other clubs for free.

MU did not let Rojo come to Everton for free

Everton only accepted to pay £ 2 million and ended up signing Robin Olsen from Roma on the deadline date. When the two clubs held talks about Rojo in the summer of 2019, Everton failed for £ 22m before agreeing on a loan deal. Ironically, MU then “turned around” to ask for a fee for this defender.

The lineup of the Everton vs MU match on November 7th

More than ever, the pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer teachers and students in this match is enormous. Fortunately for the red half of Manchester, tonight they will welcome the return of striker Anthony Martial after 3 matches having to sit out due to a suspension.

Of course, the French striker will kick the highest in the away team’s 4-2-3-1 scheme. The three players placed right behind Martial are most likely Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, and Marcus Rashford. Meanwhile, Scott McTominay and Fred will form the central midfield pair.

On the opposite side, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford will return to the official squad. He gave up his position to Robin Olsen in a 1-2 defeat to Newcastle. James Rodriguez is also predicted to start from the beginning with the hope of finding the joy of victory for the home team.

How impressive is Rashford’s hat-trick in MU history?

Marcus Rashford followed coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to become a MU player to score a hat-trick from the bench after his performance against RB Leipzig.

Rashford has just set a new Champions League record by completing a hat-trick against Leipzig with 27 minutes on the field. The best previous record went to Kylian Mbappe with 38 minutes against Club Brugge last year.

Thus, Rashford became the second player in MU history to score 3 goals in a non-main match. The one who did the same before was Solskjaer but got even better in 1999.

Rashford scored a hat-trick in 16 minutes for MU with 27 minutes on the field

The Norwegian forward scored four goals in an 8-1 win over Nottingham Forest in the treble-winning season. Ole came on from the bench in the 72nd minute, scoring in the 80th, 88th and 90th minutes, before adding a final goal in extra time.

Rashford scored a hat-trick in 16 minutes for MU with 27 minutes on the field

So where does Rashford’s record of 3 goals in 16 minutes rank among MU’s fastest hat-tricks in all history?

Statistics show that he still lost to his teacher when Solskjaer scored 3 goals in 10 minutes against Forest. Alan Gowling also scored 3 goals in 10 minutes against Southampton in 1971.

MU’s fastest hat-trick in the Premier League currently belongs to Dwight Yorke. His third goal came just 19 minutes after his opener in a 2001 win against Arsenal 6-1. Rashford became the 93rd player to score three or more goals in a match for Man Utd, following teammate Anthony Martial’s strike against Sheffield United last season.

This is also the first hat-trick of the “Red Devils” in the European arena since Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 3 goals against Saint-Etienne in the Europa League in 2017. In the Champions League, fans must return to 2015 to see Wayne Rooney’s hat-trick against Club Brugge in qualifying.

Liverpool confirmed the worst about Van Dijk after the injury

Liverpool finally has to accept the worst about Virgil van Dijk after having a test result for a knee injury.

Van Dijk was seriously injured after a terrible save by Jordan Pickford in the Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool. The home team goalkeeper made a rough foul in the 6th minute. This made the Dutch midfielder to leave the field soon.

After Van Dijk was taken to the hospital, Liverpool confirmed his star had damaged knee ligaments and would require surgery.

Van Dijk will have surgery and a long-term leave

Some sources claim that Van Dijk faced 7 to 8 months of sidelity, means missing out on the remainder of the season.

Liverpool and coach Juergen Klopp are preparing for the worst that could happen to Virgil van Dijk after his defensive backbone was injured against Everton. After the match with Everton, Van Dijk was taken to the hospital to check his left knee after a dreadful strike from goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in the early minutes.

The injury was clearly serious although Liverpool was furious at the statement by host Richard Keys on Qatar-based Bein Sports. They said the Dutch striker suffered a front cross ligament injury and had to stop playing from 7 up to 8 months.

Liverpool fear Van Dijk has a ligament injury

Liverpool fear Van Dijk has a ligament injury

Liverpool or any other source has not confirmed this, meaning that Van Dijk’s status is still unclear. Although being very angry about the VAR technology‘s decision to both the situation where Van Dijk was fouled and Jordan Henderson’s goal was denied, what is concerned about Liverpool now is Van Dijk.

All will become clear after the scan results. However, the best case is the damage to the mid-ligament, which can be treated without surgery.

Liverpool may play without Van Dijk for the rest of the season

Liverpool may play without Van Dijk for the rest of the season

However, if Liverpool’s record signing suffered a pre-cross ligament injury, he would need surgery and would mean miss out on the rest of this season.

Van Dijk is not the only Liverpool player to be hospitalized. Thiago Alcantara was also screened after a terrifying tackling from Richarlison, who later apologized. The Brazilian was sent off and faced a three-match ban.

Neymar surpassed Ronaldo in scoring for Brazilian football team

Neymar overcame the scoring record of “Fat Ronaldo” in the Brazilian national shirt to become the second-best striker in history.

Neymar scored 3 goals to help the Brazilian team beat Peru 4-2 in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. These three goals helped Neymar score 62, 63, and 64 for the Selecao.

Thus, Neymar overcomes the scoring achievements of “fat Ronaldo” for the Brazilian team. Since his debut in 2010, Neymar has 103 appearances and has scored 64. Meanwhile, Ronaldo has scored 62 goals in 98 games.

Neymar scored 64 goals for the Brazilian team

Currently, Neymar is only behind Pele in the list of the best strikers in the history of the Brazilian team. Pele’s scoring performance is impressive as he only needs 92 games to score 77 goals, averaging 0.83 goals per game. Meanwhile, Neymar reached 0.61 goals/game.

But what’s important is that Neymar is only 28 years old and has plenty of opportunities to play for the Selecao in the coming years. Therefore, just maintaining the current scoring style, the ability to score 14 more goals to break Pele’s record is a task within reach.

Neymar overcomes the scoring achievements of “fat Ronaldo”

Neymar became the king of assists in the World Cup qualifiers

The striker did not score for Brazil in the match against Bolivia but continued to assert the position of a king of assists in the World Cup qualifying round.

The Brazilian team opened the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with a jubilant victory over Bolivia. Of the 5 goals that have been poured into the opponent’s net, it is a pity that Neymar has no name, despite facing favorable opportunities.

Marquinhos, Roberto Firmino (double), Carrasco (own goal), and Philippe Coutinho scored, creating a 5-0 victory for Brazil.

The consolation for Neymar was that he contributed 2 assists for Firmino and Coutinho to score. It was the second time he scored a double assisting in a match after his performance against Bolivia four years ago.

So far, Neymar has reached 10 assists in the World Cup qualifiers and led the list in the South America region in the last two qualifying periods. In total, he has 44 assists for the Selecao in his career.

Neymar teammate Firmino with a double goal against Bolivia also became the fourth player under Tite to reach 10 or more goals for Brazil after Gabriel Jesus (15), Neymar (14), and Coutinho (13).

MU contacted Pochettino to replace Solskjaer when needed

Legendary Roy Keane has stated that MU’s ineffective players will cause Solskjaer to lose his jobs.

MU was beaten 6-1 by Tottenham on Sunday

MU was beaten 6-1 by Tottenham on Sunday. This is the biggest defeat in the history of the Premier League of the club. Former midfielder Keane, who played for the “Red Devils” for eight years from 1997 to 2005, believes Solskjaer can suffer the same fate as his predecessor Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Former MU coach Mourinho, who led Spurs to make a recent victory at Old Trafford, was fired in December 2018 despite spending £ 400 million to buy new players while in Manchester.

Solskjaer is under great pressure at MU

Solskjaer was appointed as a temporary replacement for Mourinho. He then became the official coach by leading MU to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

MU seems to be on the right track after finishing 3rd in the Premier League last season. However, the club only wins 1 in the first 3 rounds of the current season. This led to rumors that the club had contacted Mauricio Pochettino to be ready to replace Solskjaer.

MU contacted a replacement for Solskjaer after a humiliating defeat

MU is said to have contacted a famous coach to replace Solskjaer. This was after a humiliating defeat to Tottenham in the Premier League. According to the Daily Star, Man Utd contacted Mauricio Pochettino about the possibility of replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the coach of the team.

MU was beaten 6-1 by Pochettino’s former club Tottenham on Sunday, which makes Solskjaer’s position uncertain. The Argentine coach has quit his job since being sacked 11 months ago by Spurs. He is waiting for his next challenge in the Premier League.

MU contacted Pochettino to replace Solskjaer when needed

The source said the MU side had contacted the representative of Pochettino to ask if he was interested in this role at Old Trafford or not.

British media said that the members of the club’s leadership are still waiting for better results from Solskjaer and CEO Ed Woodward does not want to fire the Norwegian coach. Therefore, contacting Pochettino is just a backup.

Pochettino has always helped Tottenham win the top spot since taking over in 2014 and reached the Champions League final five years later.

Solskjaer’s position is at stake

Unfortunately, just five months after this feat, the defeat against Liverpool in June 2019 saw Pochettino sacked and replaced with Jose Mourinho. However, besides the position of coach, MU fans also pointed out other club personnel that needs to be replaced. They pointed ou that Chief Executive Woodward was incapable of bringing top transfer goals for MU.

Top 10 dream debut of legendary football strikers in the world

Like Cristiano Ronaldo and many other stars before, Luis Suarez made his dream debut with the new football team Atletico Madrid. Here are top 10 dream debut of legendary football strikers in the world.

Luis Suarez

Suarez scored 2 goals in his Atletico debut. The performance of the former Barca striker makes fans think of many other stars who have had a spectacular debut over the years.

Suarez scored 2 goals in his Atletico debut

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland caught the attention in January when he scored a hat-trick in his Dortmund debut. The Norwegian striker was only 19 years old when he came on the bench and played within 23 minutes.

Haaland scored a hat-trick in his Dortmund debut

Wayne Rooney

Rooney had a great performance in his first Man Utd shirt against Fenerbahce in 2004. The English striker was only 18 years old, scoring three beautiful goals in a 6-2 win.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo made MU fans ecstatic in his debut in 2003. Although he did not score, CR7 did everything before Bolton to receive countless praise. MU fans soon realized that they had signed a very special player.


Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid just 61 seconds after coming off the bench s in 2002. The Brazilian forward scored another goal and received a standing ovation from the fans as he left the field.


Ronaldinho marked his Barcelona debut with a superb goal against Sevilla in September 2003. After receiving the ball from the home keeper, Ronaldinho ran up to the midfield and dribbled past two Sevilla players before shooting from a distance of more than 30 meters.

Shinji Kagawa

Shinji Kagawa, who is best known for wearing Dortmund and MU, scored for Besiktas from his first touch in February 2019 after coming on the bench. Just two minutes later, the Japanese midfielder got his second goal with a shot from afar.

Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial debuted MU with an important goal against Liverpool in 2015. He dribbled the ball technically over the opponent’s two defenders before reaching the far corner of the goal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang scored a hat-trick in 2013. Aubameyang scored a hat-trick against Augsburg in his Bundesliga debut for Dortmund in August 2013. He became the third player in Bundesliga history to score three goals in the opening match.

Aubameyang scored a hat-trick in 2013

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic made an unbelievable debut for LA Galaxy in March 2018 after coming off the bench. The Swedish forward took a breathtaking long shot to goal and then inspired Galaxy to win Los Angeles FC 4-3 with the header.