UEFA is considering organizing the Champions League final on August 29, three months behind the original schedule.

According to the schedule, the Champions League final 2019-2020 takes place at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul on May 30. However, due to COVID-19, UEFA had to postpone the tournaments indefinitely. The Champions League and Europa League only return when the national championships continue to compete.

Next week, UEFA will meet to discuss a three-month postponement plan. Accordingly, the Champions League final was moved to August 29, while the Europa League final took place three days earlier. The two finals were all held in the same venues.

UEFA considers two options to bring the European Cup back. If the national championships return in June, UEFA wants the Champions League and the Europa League to be held in parallel.

But if the leagues are further delayed, UEFA will give priority to teams that finish the domestic arena first before joining the European Cup.

The UEFA proposal will be reviewed at a board meeting on April 23. They also held a meeting with representatives of 55 member states on April 21. This meeting was attended by representatives of the Association of European leagues on April 22.

Champions League competition format changes

UEFA has not finalized any plans to return to the Champions League. One of the options is to gather eight teams in the quarterfinals in one city. After taht, the teams will play in a knockout cup format. Before that, the remaining four matches in the eighth round. The rounds include Juventus – Lyon, Man City – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich – Chelsea and Barca – Napoli will be held.

The two main issues of UEFA, if changing the format of the competition, are television rights and finding a city that is capable of organizing matches. In the first place, UEFA will have to negotiate with sponsors and clubs, because the location changes will be difficult to ensure the broadcast for broadcasters.

The second problem is even more difficult. All the top four football developing countries have the highest numbers of nCoV infections in Europe.

Despite holding quarter-finals and semi-finals in neutral ground, UEFA still wants to keep Ataturk Olimpiyat, Istanbul as the venue for the final. The organizers are also willing to reduce income. This is because of the risk of not selling tickets, to retain the right to host the match.

Currently, Europe has no control over COVID-19. UEFA left the possibility of extending the season until August 2020 to find the Champions League champion.