Lewandowski ended 2020 with a total of 11 titles and prestigious awards won in Germany, Europe, and the world.

Robert Lewandowski has had a really flourishing season to win the Champions League for the first time. He contributed 15 goals and 5 assists in just 10 games, participating directly in 46.5% of Bayern Munich’s goals. Lewandowski only had 1 game without scoring in the European Cup last season, which was the final against PSG.

Lewandowski won the 6th Bundesliga championship with Bayern Munich

The football player continues to be the main star helping Bayern Munich win the German Cup with six goals in five games, including a double against Leverkusen in the final.

Lewandowski scored 6 goals to help Bayern win the German Cup

Although he did not score, Lewandowski still played a very important role to help Bayern Munich go upstream to win Sevilla in the European Super Cup 2020. It was he who created Leon Goretzka to equalize before Javi Martinez set victory in extra time.

Lewandowski won the first European Super Cup

Bayern Munich completed the historic 5th in 2020 after winning Dortmund in the German Super Cup. In this match, Lewandowski played 83 minutes but did not score or assist.

Champions League top scorer 2019/20

Lewandowski became the first player to break the monopoly of Messi and Ronaldo in the race to win the Champions League top scorer since 2007/08. He received the Golden Boot with a record of 15 goals in 10 matches.

His record of 34 goals in 31 games helped Lewandowski win the Bundesliga top scorer for the fifth time. He scored six more goals than runner-up Timo Werner.

The top scorer of the German Cup 2019/20

With 6 goals after 5 appearances, Lewandowski is also the top scorer of the German National Cup 2019/20, 2 more goals than second-place Rouwen Hennings.

Best Player in Europe 2019/20

The Bayern Munich striker won Europe’s best player award for the first time in 2019/20 when he received an overwhelming vote compared to second-placed Kevin de Bruyne. Lewandowski had 477 votes, five times more than De Bruyne with only 90 votes.

The Bayern Munich striker won Europe’s best player award

Bundesliga Best Player 2019/20

Lewandowski was voted Bundesliga Player of the Year 2019/20 with 276 votes out of 525 valid votes. The support for Lewandowski was overwhelming compared to the two immediately behind teammates Thomas Muller (54) and Joshua Kimmich (49).

FIFA The Best 2020

Lewandowski ended 2020 with the FIFA The Best award for the first time. He won 52% of the vote, outperforming Ronaldo (38%) and Messi (35%).