So, you already know how to increase physical strength in football for professional players, right? In order to increase fitness in football, our players have to practice very hard, with many exercises to increase strength. If you are looking to increase fitness to play better football, please immediately exercise the exercises below!

1. Anti-push at least 10 pieces per day

Anti-push exercises have the effect of increasing physical strength in football and it is present in most professional training lesson plans.

For the first few days of inhalation, you should practice about 10 to limit muscle pain and after you have mastered, you will increase the number of pushups to 20-30 pieces / day or more. If your fitness does not allow it, you should split into 2 pushups, each 1-2 minutes apart.

Pushing helps increase fitness waiting. Daily running will increase the strength of your feet, help football athletes increase physical strength and improve the quality of soccer. Thanks to regular running, football athletes will be more flexible and agile, increasing the strength of physical training and sports.

2. Running

According to the coach, you should maintain a daily running routine of at least 1km per day and then gradually increase the number of kilometers to increase the best physical strength. Physical trainers also recommend that everyone should maintain this exercise for 1 month and can maintain it as regularly as possible.

3. Jump rope regularly for 1 month

The next exercise to improve the fitness of the football players is jump rope. Performing rope skipping exercises regularly for 1 month will help increase the physical strength and football performance of the players in the best way.

4. Jumping and jumping at least 10 times a day

The leapfrog exercise is one of the most effective and used ways to increase fitness in football. According to fitness experts, jumping toad is one of the exercises to help strengthen the flexibility for the most effective legs.

You should keep jumping toad daily for 1 month or longer to improve fitness, morale and fighting strength. Initially you practice with a small amount to get used to and increase gradually in the following sessions.

5. Abdominal exercises at least 10 pieces / day

Abdominal exercise not only helps to increase abdominal fat reduction but also has a great effect in improving fitness in football. This is one of the methods practiced by many bodybuilders. In this exercise, you need to practice at least 10 pieces / day, then increase to 20 pieces / day, 30 pieces / day.

Above are some recommended exercises for training in football. Hopefully, these exercises are useful for you.