Ronaldo and his teammates began to practice again to prepare for the new season from August 24 at the Juventus training center.

New coach Andrea Pirlo signed a fan sign on the first day of leading Juventus. The Serie A champion appointed a 41-year-old military leader on August 8, shortly after sacking former coach Maurizio Sarri for his Champions League defeat.

This year, since the players took a break from March to June during the anti-pandemic, the break between the two seasons was just over a month. After playing last season’s match on August 7, Juventus will start Serie A 2020-2021 on September 19.

Pirlo launched with the coaching staff. The tallest of them is Igor Tudor, another former Juventus player. Andrea Pirlo is a great football coach. However, Juergen Klopp is recommended the best football coach in the world nowadays.

Pirlo spoke to the players before the training session. Many Juventus players are now teammates, even opponents of Pirlo during the game. In the 2014-2015 season, he and Juventus eliminated Ronaldo’s Real in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Pirlo will have to find a solution to exploit Ronaldo

This is a task that the two predecessors Allegri and Sarri are not as successful as Zidane did at Real. After two unsatisfactory seasons, CR7 is likely to stay, continue to conquer the Champions League with Juventus.

Midfielder Leonardo Bonucci regained his freshness two weeks after the same team was eliminated from the Champions League. He put his faith in Pirlo, his former teammate who is known for his delicate play.

Under Pirlo’s leadership, Juventus can focus more on young players. During the summer transfer window, the Serie A champions recruited 23-year-old midfielder Arthur and 20-year-old midfielder Kulusevski.

Some players who are older, or do not play a major role, may be left. Adrien Rabiot is an example. The sale of players also aims to help Juventus reduce the salary burden during the Covid-19 era.

With seasoned defenders such as 36-year-old captain Giorgio Chiellini (right) and 33-year-old Bonucci, experience is a huge plus. Juventus is likely to still have to rely on them, alongside De Ligt.

Leading Juventus is an honor, but also a serious challenge for Pirlo. The young leader must find a way to help Juventus play more effectively, especially in the Champions League, while the finances and the depth of the force are not small problems.