20 Premier League teams are making strong strides to return to play as soon as possible. After the meeting between medical experts as well as representatives from 20 clubs, the time to return to practice of the teams was agreed, it was May 19 (local time).

However, the players will still have to follow the same strict government regulations as other tournaments. Specifically, participants must maintain a safe distance and practice in small groups.

Premier League is ready to return

Before embarking on training, all players will have to test Covid-19 at 2 pm on 19/5 (local time). Besides, Chief Executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, said the tournament could officially return on June 12 if everything goes as planned.

Pogba and Fernandes practiced together

Most M.U fans are excited about the prospect of Paul Pogba and rookie Bruno Fernandes will work well in midfield and help the home team achieve the best results when the Premier League returns.

On Monday May 25, the duo Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes first practiced together. This appearance makes the fans very happy, excited and looking forward.

At this time, the English Premier League teams are still dividing the number of troops to practice because they still comply with the rules of social spacing at a new stage. Immediately after seeing Pogba and Fernandes appear together, the fans were actively sharing on Twitter.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer himself was eager to combine Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes. Next time, Pogba and Marcus Rashford will be back in. This will definitely be great. We are very positive and ready to come back anytime.

Good players can play side by side. We had Scott McTominay, Fred, Nemanja Matic, they were good players, but we couldn’t play with the whole midfielder. We will find a good connection between them (Pogba and Bruno).