Juventus is expecting Pirlo to be another version of Zidane in Italy

Pirlo leading Juventus is like a schoolboy and starts the new school year. When students in Italy returned to school on Monday, Pirlo also recently completed his UEFA Pro degree course. At Coverciano, he successfully defended his graduate thesis, titled “My Football”. It will soon be kept in the library of the Center. It is considered the birthplace of Pirlo’s professional military career.

The appointment of Pirlo as a coach

Just nine days after announcing he was U23 manager, Juventus unexpectedly promoted Pirlo as the first-team coach, after sacking Maurizio Sarri for his Champions League defeat.

Pirlo is compared to Zinedine Zidane, and Juventus is expecting the appearance of a “new Zidane” in Italy. But at least, the original Zidane spent two years leading Real Madrid B before taking over the first team. On the contrary, Pirlo never held a table before signing a two-year contract with Juventus. The friendly match with Novara was his first time directing.

Pirlo is compared to Zinedine Zidane

The beard, which was once a highlight of Pirlo on the 11-man football field, will now become a highlight on the piste road. Pirlo spoke from an active football perspective, based on a predictable ability to control the ball inspired by Pep Guardiola.

But how the specific game is deployed is still curious, in a Juventus too many personality stars. Recently, Sarri up Corriere Della Sera described Juventus as an “untrained” team. Recently, Pirlo also had the first training days with the strikers of the club including Ronaldo.

Pirlo used two systems of three and four defenders alternately in a 5-0 win over Novara. It is an implication for the flexible thinking of these military rulers. 11 names in the main lineup are still unknown, but surely Juve’s force is not weaker.

The departures of Miralem Pjanic, Blaise Matuidi, and Gonzalo Higuain were quickly filled by Arthur, Weston McKennie, and Dejan Kulusevski.

Experts in Italy are waiting to see how Pirlo will exploit Kulusevski after the player made a strong impression at Parma last season. Statistics show that the Swedish midfielder’s third-most active range in Serie A last season. This is a sign that he can provide much help playing behind Ronaldo.

Mourinho is not satisfied with the defeat of Tottenham against Everton

Jose Mourinho is not satisfied with the results and performance of his students after Tottenham lost 0-1 to Everton on September 13.

Tottenham Hotspur hosted Everton at home in their Premier League debut. Coach Jose Mourinho is expected to take advantage of his 3 points. However, the home team was not creative and lost 0-1 after the goal of Dominic Calvert-Lewin in the 55th minute.

According to Opta, this is the first time Mourinho has been defeated in the opening match of the new season in his career. Before that, he spent 19 seasons as head coach, winning 11 matches and letting his opponent draw 8 times.

The first match of Tottenham and Everton

This is also the first time to lose in the opening match after 5 years of Tottenham. Coach Mourinho was not satisfied with the performance of his students. He said that the Tottenham players are not in good physical condition after the break, lazy to press, and let their opponents create too many opportunities.

Tottenham launched 9 shots against Everton’s 15 and could not be converted into a goal, despite having many top attacking stars such as Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura or Dele Alli.

While Tottenham attacked the deadlock, Everton played confidently and creatively with the participation of James Rodriguez’s signing from Real Madrid. Coach Carlo Ancelotti does not need much time for the recruits to integrate with the team. He let the trio of James, Allan, and Abdoulaye Doucoure come out from the beginning and brought positive results.

Mourinho criticizes the Tottenham players for being lazy

Tottenham Hotspur’s Jose Mourinho is dissatisfied with the way the players pressing against Everton in the Premier League round 1 match on the evening of September 13.

Mourinho and his students have just received a 0-1 defeat against Everton

The only goal of Dominic Calvert-Lewin to score in the second half helped Everton win 3 points against Tottenham. This is the match that Mourinho teachers and students are said to show not bad in the first half. But after the break, the London representative showed sluggishness.

Coach Mourinho also admitted that the players did not perform well in the second half. The 57-year-old continued to emphasize that many players did not have the best preparation for the match, leading to a performance of football. lack of vitality and poor quality.

Tottenham’s next match in the Premier League is against Southampton on September 20. Three days earlier, they will meet Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the Europa League.

Johnson won the 2019/20 season FedEx Cup of the Tour Championship

Dustin Johnson won the Tour Championship at -21 on September 7, holding $ 15 million for the FedEx Cup championship – the race that spans the entire PGA Tour season.

In the past 11 years, Johnson was the first person to win the FedEx Cup in the first seed when entering the Tour Championship. The most similar case is Tiger Woods in 2009.

FedEx Cup was initiated in 2007 and Woods won the first period. Considering the playoffs alone, Johnson has just set a record of six titles, alongside 13 times the top 5.

Dustin Johnson lifts FedEx Cup after winning the Tour Championship at Lake Golf Club

Johnson led the team to double for the title at -19 after 54 holes at East Lake Stadium, par70. He then led five strokes against Xander Schauffele and Justin Thomas in the T2 group. On the finish line on September 7, Johnson averaged 312.7 yards. Although his header accuracy is below average (43%), the golfer has a standard green rate of close to 78%.

Johnson and Schauffele are in the final group. At hole 18, Johnson played 337 yards. The ball flew along the pine line and then into the fairway. On this 580-yard par5, Johnson “3 on” and a putt to close the hole at the birdie point and onto the coronation podium at -21. And Schauffele, after a birdie in hole 16, could not close the gap because it was constantly par the remaining two holes, so he finished T2 with Thomas.

Schauffele and Thomas each paid $ 4.5 million each. Jon Rahm came in fourth, received $ 3 million, and Scottie Scheffler got $ 2.5 million for closing the top 5.

PGA Tour 2019-2020 recorded two Asian golfers finishing the top 30 of the FedEx Cup. Im Sung-jae is in 11th place with 750,000 USD, while Hideki Matsuyama is in T15 with 582,500 USD. Rory McIlroy belongs to T8 with Patrick Reed and Sebastian Munoz. Each person in this group receives $ 960,000.

How will Man City guarantee Messi’s benefits after buying the striker?

Despite age and Covid-19 affecting the overall financial picture, Lionel Messi’s income will still increase. This will happen if he moves from Barca to Man City this summer.

Messi is enjoying the best treatment in the world in Barca. So, Man City will have to ensure at least the same treatment if he invites him to the Etihad Stadium

The strangest thing regarding the best player in football history is that he can still leave freely. Messi has scored more than 630 goals, won 33 trophies at club level and six Golden Balls. He did not go to Barca’s Covid-19 test, an obligation to fulfill every player who wants to play in La Liga next season.

The Argentine striker believes that a term in his contract with Barca allows him to leave the club automatically without any transfer fees. But even when leaving Barca freely, the financial burden on Man City or any team that wants to own Messi will not decrease. Messi is receiving a weekly salary after tax of about $ 667,000 in Barca. However, it is not sure to maintain that number in the new team.

Because of Covid-19’s influence, Sheffield Hallam University’s Dr. Robert Wilson believes that no team is willing to pay that salary to a player.

Man City may have to spend a huge amount of money on Messi

According to Wilson, if Man City spends a huge amount of money on Messi without careful calculation, the labor unions will fight them. That is, Messi’s salary must definitely decrease significantly compared to his time at Barca.

But don’t misunderstand Wilson’s point. Man City cannot pay high salaries, but Messi’s total annual income will certainly be better. This depends on the reality of the automatic release clause that Messi signed with Barca.

Camp Nou team believes that the term has expired on June 10. But Messi’s lawyers cite the plague to assert that the 2019-2020 season actually ends on August 14 and the time when Messi faxes the request to leave is appropriate to trigger this provision.

Messi is receiving about $ 35 million after salary tax each year from Barca. However, this amount does not include image copyright. A star like him will be divided commissions for commercial activities off the pitch to benefit the host team.

If there is more Messi, Man City will be imposed with the target of winning more titles. And this is also an opportunity for Messi to improve his income if he helps the club to meet the goals. If there is Messi, Man City will be imposed with the target of winning more titles.

Ronaldo has the first training day with new coach Pirlo

Ronaldo and his teammates began to practice again to prepare for the new season from August 24 at the Juventus training center.

New coach Andrea Pirlo signed a fan sign on the first day of leading Juventus. The Serie A champion appointed a 41-year-old military leader on August 8, shortly after sacking former coach Maurizio Sarri for his Champions League defeat.

This year, since the players took a break from March to June during the anti-pandemic, the break between the two seasons was just over a month. After playing last season’s match on August 7, Juventus will start Serie A 2020-2021 on September 19.

Pirlo launched with the coaching staff. The tallest of them is Igor Tudor, another former Juventus player. Andrea Pirlo is a great football coach. However, Juergen Klopp is recommended the best football coach in the world nowadays.

Pirlo spoke to the players before the training session. Many Juventus players are now teammates, even opponents of Pirlo during the game. In the 2014-2015 season, he and Juventus eliminated Ronaldo’s Real in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Pirlo will have to find a solution to exploit Ronaldo

This is a task that the two predecessors Allegri and Sarri are not as successful as Zidane did at Real. After two unsatisfactory seasons, CR7 is likely to stay, continue to conquer the Champions League with Juventus.

Midfielder Leonardo Bonucci regained his freshness two weeks after the same team was eliminated from the Champions League. He put his faith in Pirlo, his former teammate who is known for his delicate play.

Under Pirlo’s leadership, Juventus can focus more on young players. During the summer transfer window, the Serie A champions recruited 23-year-old midfielder Arthur and 20-year-old midfielder Kulusevski.

Some players who are older, or do not play a major role, may be left. Adrien Rabiot is an example. The sale of players also aims to help Juventus reduce the salary burden during the Covid-19 era.

With seasoned defenders such as 36-year-old captain Giorgio Chiellini (right) and 33-year-old Bonucci, experience is a huge plus. Juventus is likely to still have to rely on them, alongside De Ligt.

Leading Juventus is an honor, but also a serious challenge for Pirlo. The young leader must find a way to help Juventus play more effectively, especially in the Champions League, while the finances and the depth of the force are not small problems.

Is Juergen Klopp worth being the best football coach in the world? (Part 3)

Wayne Rooney acknowledges the talent of Klopp

Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United striker, acknowledges the talent of the German strategist.

After 5 years, with the presence of Klopp, Liverpool improved in all aspects. In the transfer market, they are no longer idiots with deals like Lazar Markovic, Christian Benteke, but instead Alisson Becker – Virgil Van Dijk – Fabinho, Liverpool’s backbone or Salah – Sadio Mane, The duo contributed the most goals this season.

The German strategist is concerned about the smallest elements of training to help Liverpool have the best performances when playing. Behind what fans have witnessed is the relentless effort of the team of experts including Head of Nutrition Mona Nemmer, coach Thomas Gronnemark, sports psychologist Lee Richardson, manager of the health department, and restoring Phil Jacobsen.

At Melwood, the door of Coach Klopp’s room is always open to welcome all players and members of the coaching staff. He is willing to listen.

These factors help Liverpool to show a completely different face. In the Premier League 2019/20, they are masters in counterattack situations with 9 goals, topping the tournament. This figure in the 2015/16 season is only 1 (ranked 12th).

Coach Klopp has built a solid defense

In his first season in charge, Liverpool conceded 50 goals. Up to this time of the season 2019/20, Liverpool received the least goals (21 goals).

In England, Klopp’s greatest counterpart is Pep Guardiola’s Man City. In 10 direct confrontations, Liverpool won 5 matches, drew 2, and lost 3.

Coach Klopp is also the most annoying opponent for the Spanish strategist. On average, Pep earns 1.28 points per match against Klopp. Meanwhile, the number when playing against Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger is 1.77 and 1.93 respectively.

In the 2018/19 season, Klopp was named the best coach of the year by FIFA with a record of 14 years of winning the Champions League. By this season, he continues to bring glory to the Port City team. Liverpool won the Premier League after 30 years of waiting. They are even the earliest to ascend the throne when the season has 7 more rounds to end. With all that done, Klopp deserves to be called the best coach in the world now.

Is Juergen Klopp worth being the best football coach in the world? (Part 2)

Earlier, in January 2016, Liverpool also showed the spirit of not giving up on the trip to Norwich’s field trip. It looked like they were held to a 4-4 draw when Sebastian Bassong scored in the 90 + 2 minute, Adam Lallana scored again in the 90 + 5 minute, giving 3 points for Liverpool.

The England midfielder took off his clothes to celebrate, ran straight to the training cabin, hugged his teacher. Coach Klopp also responded enthusiastically to his students, even he broke his glasses after the celebration.

Hugs, passionate celebrations, and screams on the way to the piste seemed simple. However, that is what helps Klopp to win the affection and confidence of the players and the fans. In addition, he belonged to many traditional Liverpool songs as if he had been a huge fan for a long time.

A coach full of positive energy

James Pearce, a journalist specializing in Liverpool, once described that Klopp always emits positive energy. He appreciated the strategist’s people management skills.

In April 2017, Liverpool lost 1-2 to Crystal Palace at Anfield. In the stands, the home fans cheered out. Coach Klopp shared that he felt lonely when he witnessed that scene. He expects the Liverpudlians not to reproduce that action because he believes the students are strong enough to come back and do miracles.

In the 2018/19 season, Klopp’s army collected 10 points from the lead – more than any other team in the Premier League. In the 7-game series that were leading up to November 2019, Liverpool came from behind to win 6 matches and drew 1 match.

Besides, Liverpool also won 3 points in the last minutes. Those are important victories with a minimum gap against Tottenham or Leicester City in the 2019/20 season. Those are the key victories to help Liverpool create a gap with City and win the championship

The 2018/19 season is also the season that Liverpool won the Champions League after 14 years of waiting. In that journey, they created the greatest comeback in the history of this tournament.

After 5 years, Klopp brings Liverpool the noblest titles including Champions League, European Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and above all the Premier League, the burning desire of fans of this team. He deserves to be in the legendary ranks of Liverpool.

Is Juergen Klopp worth being the best football coach in the world? (Part 1)

After all that Juergen Klopp have done, is he worth being the best football coach in the world nowadays? Let’s discover the answer in the article below.

Klopp won the best coach of the Premier League 2019/20 season

Jurgen Klopp was honored by the English Football Coach Association (LMA) after helping Liverpool win the Premier League.

On July 27, Klopp was awarded the Alex Ferguson Cup, symbolizing the award. Former Man Utd Ferguson coach on behalf of LMA announced this.

Klopp overcame Marcelo Bielsa – who helped Leeds United return to the Premier League, Gareth Ainsworth – who helped Wycombe Wanderers win first place in the First Division in 133-year history and Chris Wilder – Sheffield United coach, the phenomenon of Premier England this season. Wilder won this award last year.

Klopp received the Coach Cup of the Year from LMA

Klopp recalled meeting Ferguson for the first time and said he had never imagined one day winning a Cup named the former Man Utd coach.

Is Juergen Klopp worth being the best football coach in the world?

On 24/5/2015, Liverpool had a memorable match as a guest on Stoke City’s Britania. Those who love Liverpool are looking forward to a win because it was the last time Steven Gerrard plays as a Liverpool player. However, the army of Coach Rodgers played weakly and lost 1-6.

The gloomy atmosphere rained down on the Liverpool players. They have no vitality left. The pillars of the team did not give an interview, and the person in charge of this was Jordon Ibe, a 19-year-old player. In the stands, many Liverpool fans left as soon as the first half ended.

Fortunately, this failure was not entirely negative for Liverpool, because the team leader began to consider the changes. And Klopp, the coach who helped Dortmund end Bayern Munich’s dominance in the Bundesliga, was the chosen one.

The promise of the trust builder

At the time of Klopp’s inauguration, Liverpool’s strength was only on par with the middle-class team. However, he still confident and promised to bring the title to Liverpool.

In the 2015/16 season, Klopp helped Liverpool reach the Premier League finish at eighth and did not win any trophies. However, he made fans of this team see signs of a bright future.

He led Liverpool to the Europa League final in which the choking comeback against Dortmund in the quarterfinals was the highlight. After a 1-1 draw at Signal Iduna Park, Liverpool took the lead to 3-1 at Anfield.

However, with the fire coach Klopp transmitted, the Liverpool players did not give up. They rushed to attack and bring results. Philippe Coutinho, Mamadou Sakho, and Dejan Lovren each scored to help the home side win with a total score of 5-4.

Jon Rahm becomes the champion of Memorial golf tournament

Despite being fined in the final round, Jon Rahm went straight to the podium of Memorial golf tournament. Rahm occupied the top of the board with a -12 score after 54 holes. On the finish line, he was the last starting group with Ryan Palmer -8 and in the T2 with Tony Finau.

After nine holes, Rahm collected two birdies, and Palmer still “broke even”. Along the same road in the penultimate round with Danny Willett – the champion of the major Masters in 2016, Finau dropped, with 6 strokes. And Willett then collapsed because of bogey constantly in the 4-6 hole segment.

Before the second half of the race, Rahm’s lead was up to eight strokes, and the race seemed to be over soon. But the Spanish golfers in turn made technical mistakes. Rahm had the first bogey of the day at hole 10 but was not worried because the points gap was still far.

Rahm was a bit difficult in the last half but managed to overcome to crown

Despite trying to force, the three birdies in the remaining paragraph could not help Finau save the situation and have to score 78 sticks. He finished eighth with -2 points, earned 290,625 USD. From the top group, Willett became the worst player in the round, with an 82-sticks scoreboard. He fell 28 steps to the T32 group after 72 holes.

The victory at Muirfield Village brought double joy to Jon Rahm, with the Memorial championship and the world number one position.

Finally, Rahm still got the fourth title at the PGA Tour, earning $ 1,674 million, awarded 76 points and topped the world rankings, pushing Rory McIlroy down to the second. Palmer came in second at -6, receiving $ 1,013 million. Rahm and Palmer used to be a team, winning Zurich Classic 2019.

The best scoreboard round belonged to Matthew Fitzpatrick, at 68 strokes. As a result, he jumped 15 steps, up to the third place, was 641,700 USD. Matt Wallace and Jason Day belong to the T4 group, each with $ 418,500.

Tiger Woods belongs to the T40 group, closing the 18th individual tournament in Memorial – where he won the championship five times. The last round saw the par72 ground of Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio peaking in difficulty in 42 years because only five people broke the par. The average scoreboard for this round is at 75,932 strokes.

Man City escaped the ban on participating in Champions League

The Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) canceled the European Cup ban that UEFA gave to City, according to a statement on the afternoon of July 13. Man City is still fined, but reduced to 10 million euros instead of 30 million euros (about 32.5 million USD) as UEFA penalties.

Man City and Pep Guardiola will play in the Champions League next season

The club has violated Article 56 of the Club’s Financial Equity and Licensing Regulations. The football club will pay a fine of 10 million euros ($11 million) to UEFA, within 30 days of the decision being issued.

Article 56 mentioned by CAS related to Man City’s refusal to cooperate with financial control agency of UEFA during the investigation. CAS also cites a provision to avoid retroactivity when the incident lasted 5 years.

With the decision of CAS, the top 4 Premier League will attend the Champions League as usual. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth teams will play the Europa League. The concern of Guardiola and the stars leaving mass. The Etihad team also avoid the risk of $225 million in damage when absent in the European Cup.

The charge against Man City originated in the German newspaper Spiegel. They said the company that owns Man City – Abu Dhabi United Group – illegally injected money for the team. At least US $91 million was transferred to Man City under sponsorship. UEFA considers it a fraud to circumvent the Financial Fair Law. They started investigating, then accused Man City of violating in May 2019.

In mid-February 2020, UEFA banned Man City from attending the European Cup for two seasons. This was because of a “serious violation” of the Financial Fair law.

On February 26, Man City appealed to the CAS. They strongly denied violating. At the same time, coach Guardiola and many key players are committed to sticking with the club. However, opponents are said to be supportive of UEFA. This includes eight clubs in the top 10 Premier League sending a letter to a law firm impacting CAS to uphold the case.

CAS made a fairly late judgment due to the work process affected by Covid-19

In the Champions League this season, Man City won Real Madrid 2-1 in the first 1/8 round.