Legendary Roy Keane has stated that MU’s ineffective players will cause Solskjaer to lose his jobs.

MU was beaten 6-1 by Tottenham on Sunday

MU was beaten 6-1 by Tottenham on Sunday. This is the biggest defeat in the history of the Premier League of the club. Former midfielder Keane, who played for the “Red Devils” for eight years from 1997 to 2005, believes Solskjaer can suffer the same fate as his predecessor Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Former MU coach Mourinho, who led Spurs to make a recent victory at Old Trafford, was fired in December 2018 despite spending £ 400 million to buy new players while in Manchester.

Solskjaer is under great pressure at MU

Solskjaer was appointed as a temporary replacement for Mourinho. He then became the official coach by leading MU to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

MU seems to be on the right track after finishing 3rd in the Premier League last season. However, the club only wins 1 in the first 3 rounds of the current season. This led to rumors that the club had contacted Mauricio Pochettino to be ready to replace Solskjaer.

MU contacted a replacement for Solskjaer after a humiliating defeat

MU is said to have contacted a famous coach to replace Solskjaer. This was after a humiliating defeat to Tottenham in the Premier League. According to the Daily Star, Man Utd contacted Mauricio Pochettino about the possibility of replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the coach of the team.

MU was beaten 6-1 by Pochettino’s former club Tottenham on Sunday, which makes Solskjaer’s position uncertain. The Argentine coach has quit his job since being sacked 11 months ago by Spurs. He is waiting for his next challenge in the Premier League.

MU contacted Pochettino to replace Solskjaer when needed

The source said the MU side had contacted the representative of Pochettino to ask if he was interested in this role at Old Trafford or not.

British media said that the members of the club’s leadership are still waiting for better results from Solskjaer and CEO Ed Woodward does not want to fire the Norwegian coach. Therefore, contacting Pochettino is just a backup.

Pochettino has always helped Tottenham win the top spot since taking over in 2014 and reached the Champions League final five years later.

Solskjaer’s position is at stake

Unfortunately, just five months after this feat, the defeat against Liverpool in June 2019 saw Pochettino sacked and replaced with Jose Mourinho. However, besides the position of coach, MU fans also pointed out other club personnel that needs to be replaced. They pointed ou that Chief Executive Woodward was incapable of bringing top transfer goals for MU.