The Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) canceled the European Cup ban that UEFA gave to City, according to a statement on the afternoon of July 13. Man City is still fined, but reduced to 10 million euros instead of 30 million euros (about 32.5 million USD) as UEFA penalties.

Man City and Pep Guardiola will play in the Champions League next season

The club has violated Article 56 of the Club’s Financial Equity and Licensing Regulations. The football club will pay a fine of 10 million euros ($11 million) to UEFA, within 30 days of the decision being issued.

Article 56 mentioned by CAS related to Man City’s refusal to cooperate with financial control agency of UEFA during the investigation. CAS also cites a provision to avoid retroactivity when the incident lasted 5 years.

With the decision of CAS, the top 4 Premier League will attend the Champions League as usual. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth teams will play the Europa League. The concern of Guardiola and the stars leaving mass. The Etihad team also avoid the risk of $225 million in damage when absent in the European Cup.

The charge against Man City originated in the German newspaper Spiegel. They said the company that owns Man City – Abu Dhabi United Group – illegally injected money for the team. At least US $91 million was transferred to Man City under sponsorship. UEFA considers it a fraud to circumvent the Financial Fair Law. They started investigating, then accused Man City of violating in May 2019.

In mid-February 2020, UEFA banned Man City from attending the European Cup for two seasons. This was because of a “serious violation” of the Financial Fair law.

On February 26, Man City appealed to the CAS. They strongly denied violating. At the same time, coach Guardiola and many key players are committed to sticking with the club. However, opponents are said to be supportive of UEFA. This includes eight clubs in the top 10 Premier League sending a letter to a law firm impacting CAS to uphold the case.

CAS made a fairly late judgment due to the work process affected by Covid-19

In the Champions League this season, Man City won Real Madrid 2-1 in the first 1/8 round.