Despite age and Covid-19 affecting the overall financial picture, Lionel Messi’s income will still increase. This will happen if he moves from Barca to Man City this summer.

Messi is enjoying the best treatment in the world in Barca. So, Man City will have to ensure at least the same treatment if he invites him to the Etihad Stadium

The strangest thing regarding the best player in football history is that he can still leave freely. Messi has scored more than 630 goals, won 33 trophies at club level and six Golden Balls. He did not go to Barca’s Covid-19 test, an obligation to fulfill every player who wants to play in La Liga next season.

The Argentine striker believes that a term in his contract with Barca allows him to leave the club automatically without any transfer fees. But even when leaving Barca freely, the financial burden on Man City or any team that wants to own Messi will not decrease. Messi is receiving a weekly salary after tax of about $ 667,000 in Barca. However, it is not sure to maintain that number in the new team.

Because of Covid-19’s influence, Sheffield Hallam University’s Dr. Robert Wilson believes that no team is willing to pay that salary to a player.

Man City may have to spend a huge amount of money on Messi

According to Wilson, if Man City spends a huge amount of money on Messi without careful calculation, the labor unions will fight them. That is, Messi’s salary must definitely decrease significantly compared to his time at Barca.

But don’t misunderstand Wilson’s point. Man City cannot pay high salaries, but Messi’s total annual income will certainly be better. This depends on the reality of the automatic release clause that Messi signed with Barca.

Camp Nou team believes that the term has expired on June 10. But Messi’s lawyers cite the plague to assert that the 2019-2020 season actually ends on August 14 and the time when Messi faxes the request to leave is appropriate to trigger this provision.

Messi is receiving about $ 35 million after salary tax each year from Barca. However, this amount does not include image copyright. A star like him will be divided commissions for commercial activities off the pitch to benefit the host team.

If there is more Messi, Man City will be imposed with the target of winning more titles. And this is also an opportunity for Messi to improve his income if he helps the club to meet the goals. If there is Messi, Man City will be imposed with the target of winning more titles.