If someone always thought that football players would just need to be able to practice the techniques, it would certainly be a mistake. We will introduce some ways to improve fitness in football. Always for players who have been experienced by the famous fitness coach.

The most attractive sport on the planet, also known as the king sport, is football. This sport has had a great influence on the life as well as the attitude of all ages when onlookers and at home.

But surely there will be questions that are asked about why there are superheroes like CR7 or Messi and how there are players with fast footsteps along with thunderous shots. so? How do they exercise?

Don’t ever think that it’s simple that they only practice the techniques in the profession, but to do the above, they have to go through the terrible training and perseverance. Let’s learn some tips to be able to practice by the fitness coach Callum Walsh.

It was this coach who was a link in helping Cardiff City Club to the English Premier League. It can be said that increasing the way of increasing physical strength in the ball has been an extremely good personality for football players.

If you mention players in the Premier League, you will definitely see the harshness in this tournament when a footballer will have to run an average of 10 km per game and will have 50 to 70 times the throttle.

Not only that, but they will also have to suffer a lot of malicious and non-maliceous plays with very strong hits from the opponent. Schedules are also thought to be a cruel issue in this tournament.

Hard training

Sometimes during 6 days the players will have to play 3 games and certainly it will be the tired days that the players will endure. If clubs participate in international tournaments such as the Champions League, the players will have to be even more tired, but each player will have to attend a maximum of 60-70 matches in each year.