3. Quickly change direction

Professional football players need to have good reflexes, fast navigation skills in all situations but still keep the ball and avoid injury. To increase fitness and change direction easily when playing, try to guide the ball through obstacles from slow to fast. Typically, players often practice guiding the ball through a mannequin or simply passing the ball through a tactical mushroom (cone).

4. Strengthen

To increase strength, you should exercise by weight training to build muscle, mobilize better strength in situations that need to be handled quickly. Besides, you should practice Squat, Box Jump, etc.

At professional football clubs, they often invest in a gym with full Gym machines to give the players strength when playing. You can easily recognize this if you regularly follow football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema or Alexis Sanchez …

5. Complete nutrition

For football players, a diet needs to be sufficient, to have enough energy and the best strength when playing. The diet of a footballer will be more and more varied than the average person. The secret to increasing fitness in football is that you need to eat more protein, green vegetables, fruits and loaded with additional foods.

The above article has shared with you the most effective way to increase fitness in football, but currently the players are still practicing. Are you a football enthusiast, but do not know how to increase physical strength to lead the game? If so, immediately apply the above fitness methods. Good luck!