Are you looking for ways to increase physical fitness in football often used by professional soccer coaches for the practice of professional players? If so, please read the following article to have yourself the best workout method!

In football, in order to overcome your opponent and help your team to win, in addition to having superior technology, you need to have good physical strength. In professional football courses for players, the amount of time to exercise and endurance is very large, it is equal to the time of technical training.

According to football experts, fitness is a very important foundation for every footballer, it helps you to implement individual techniques better and at the same time easier to overcome opponents in each situation.

In each entrance exam to famous football centers, many young players have good personal skills but weak physicality, so they were mercilessly eliminated. This can be seen, in addition to personal technology, fitness is also an important factor to play this sport.

At the professional level, each team has its own physical coach and players are often trained by coaches to have enough physical strength to participate in the match. Here are some basic ways to increase physical fitness in football that coaches apply to players.

1. Train endurance

Strength training is essential for soccer players and jogging is an essential part of football. You should form a daily running routine of 20-30 minutes and can combine with many other exercises to increase the diversity of the exercise program. Endurance training will help you stay 90 minutes of a game and run a lot but don’t feel tired.

2. Speed ​​up practice

Increasing the speed of training is a very important factor in the tactics of attacking and defending in football. You should be familiar with the sudden change in speed, you can try running water 10 times at a distance of 15m and rest 30 seconds each time. Speed ​​up will help you rise up and overcome opponents to win the ball, control the situation as you like.