Practicing cardio

Intermittent running is said to be the most favorite practice of players when practicing 1 minute break 1 minute and maintained many times in each training session, rather than just climbing on the treadmill and running hard until the new pale blue called cardio as many people think. Because if you do it like that it will not work or in other words it is completely useless to a football striker.

In this exercise, it is not based on how much each time because it will depend on the health condition of each player because some people will only practice 15 seconds and then take 15 seconds to rest. 1 minute and 1 minute break. Gradual habits will help you endure and run longer, faster in the future.

You will have a way to try and practice it by choosing where to have your own milestones such as those in the lampposts or the distance of the trees you see and then run as hard and fast as you can and notice how much time then you choose the option as above just rest and practice.

You will check how many times you run and how long the distance is with that distance. Then slow down if you’re tired and take a short break and that’s the end of the session. But you must know running is not the only option for this exercise, but instead cycling and swimming are also ways to practice pressure on the legs and knees.

Practicing other exercises

According to Walsh, the way to increase fitness in football, whatever you do or do is to build from the foundation, but most of us really hate practicing feet. He also gave evidence of balance when many people could not stand on one leg.

If you want to practice, stand on a clock and stand with one foot on the plate, you will imagine you are in the middle of the clock and proceed to different time zones without falling. This exercise will help you feel the space in your body’s senses.

Weight training is considered a very heavy exercise and will need to be limited during the training sessions. You will be more effective when using resilience exercises with lighter weights. Walsh always preferred Bulgarian thigh exercises and Romanian back exercises.