Man City’s season is really in chaos when in the Covid-19 outbreak with the number of infected players increasing dramatically.

At least 7 Man City players are positive for Covid-19

On December 29, the match Everton vs Man City at Goodison Park in the framework of the 1/16 round of the Premier League, was postponed because 5 players of Green Man were tested for Covid-19 infection.

Immediately, Man City was forced to shut down the club’s training ground. They stopped training indefinitely after the outbreak of Covid-19 in the first team. All positive people will now have to quarantine themselves for at least 10 days.

This news comes after Kyle Walker, Gabriel Jesus, and some Man City employees infected with Covid-19 on Christmas Day. It is 24 hours before the 2-0 win over Newcastle at Etihad. Currently, the entire Man City team will have to undergo another check to see if anyone is infected or not.

The cases of players tested positive for COVID-19 may increase

According to information from the British media, up to now, Man City has had at least 7 players positive for Covid-19, and this number is not expected to be final.

The cases of players tested positive for COVID-19 may increase

As for Everton, they are expressing frustration about the Premier League organizers’ decision to postpone the match. The Toffees want to play and have everything ready to go to the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool, where their familiar base is. Currently, Everton will ask the Premier League organizers to fully announce how they have made their decision to postpone the game, to show transparency of the reasons behind it.

According to Premier League rules, matches will be played if a club has 14 players. They include a goalkeeper, although decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depending on circumstances – especially about the pandemic.

The move to postpone the match with Man City was made based on medical advice as a precaution. Similarly, the recent match between Newcastle and Aston Villa did not take place. The reason because five players were tested posivtive for Covid-19 infection earlier this month.