The historic record in the European arena may be a surprise fulcrum for Arsenal to win tickets to the Champions League in the 2020-2021 season.

The Daily Mail said that the federation of member nations was meeting with UEFA. The meeting was to discuss the remaining period of the 2019-2020 season. In addition to the plans to organize a competition, the plan to end early is also commented.

If it ends early, one of the solutions to choose a team for the European Cup next season is based on the UEFA coefficient table. UEFA made this table based on the performance of the clubs in the last five years in the European arena.

If the solution is chosen, Arsenal will be in the top four teams of English football for the Champions League next season, alongside Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool. Similarly, three teams Tottenham, Chelsea and Leicester City attend the Europa League. If the Champions League two-year ban is enforced against Man City, Tottenham will replace it.

The scoreboard

On the Premier League scoreboard, Arsenal are ranked ninth. In case the season continues, the possibility for Mikel Arteta’s teachers to win tickets to the Champions League is not great.

While encouraging tournaments to return, UEFA also opens up the possibility for some tournaments to end prematurely “in special circumstances”. The Dutch championship can be a prime example. Prime Minister Mark Rutte ordered a football ban until at least September 1.

In early April, Belgium also ended the national championship early. They choose to recognize the current rankings and give the title to the leading team.

The Covid-19 pandemic is showing signs of subsiding, but European countries remain very alert. Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France all have more than 100,000 cases. The risk of a second pandemic is still potential and could cause sports activities to be “frozen” once again.